Bustin my blogging virginity!

It’s a thunderstormin kinda morning here at the cottage, so I figured it would be a good chance to take a shot at this blogging thing. Of course the idea of blogging came to me at about the 20km mark of a 28km run yesterday, as most brilliant ideas do! I thought to myself, “self, I bet your friends and family sure do get tired of your running posts”. At this point I decided to make a facebook page to save them from the dreariness (19km). So then I thought “but what would I call said facebook page?”. I then proceeded to work through all the running pages that I like so much, Run Like a Girl, Running Girl, Runjunkees, 26.yikes, and various motivational pages. I thought it was important to include the fact that I am Canadian in my title, hence the word canuck, and thought Canuck runner? (20km). Ahhh but I thought, “the last thing people want is another running page!” —- enter lightbulb moment here! (21km) Another Canucking Runner was born.

Now at the end of my run, I was very very excited thinking that this was a great idea, and posed it to my husband, “I don’t get the canucking”. *sigh*. Then I posed it to my brother, who thought it was a fantastic idea and totally understood canucking (yay Will!).  Finally, it was posed to my mother who told me she couldn’t answer because she was currently being traumatized by the throngs at Costco. Once the traumatization was done, she said she would follow the blog but “I don’t really understand canucking”. *sigh*. This was quickly followed by “don’t you have to be careful about who is following those blog things?” (I think there was somethng about weirdos in there) *double sigh*. Despite this I decided to keep the title, mostly because it suits my humour and personality.

My hope in creating this blog is not simply altruistic, and I won’t feed you a whole bunch of lines about my desire to inspire others (although at the core I do wish to motivate others). I will probably use it as a bashing ground for running when I am angry, a bragging area for running when I enjoy it, and a venting for my life in general! So please enjoy, feel free to leave comments and pass it off to your friends!

If you wish to see any info posted here let me know and I will do my best!

Oh and btw, squat challenge this month. Day 2 – 55 squats non-weighted if you wanna join.

Happy running!


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