Wobble Board and Widgeting Woes

So I told myself I wasn’t going to run today…and I did. This happens quite often in my world, and sometimes it happens the opposite (I tell myself I am going to run, and don’t). I think generally that is all part of being a runner. Sometimes our motivation waivers and we have good and bad days. We all tell each other that the bad days make us appreciate the good ones blah blah blah.

Then there’s the ADHD runner. A whole different breed we are.

We are the ones who come up with grandiose training plans, and while developing said training plan have approximately 10 different tabs open on google with 10 different training plans. We meticulously create a meal plan, and then abandon it 2 weeks later. And worse of all, we procrastinate on the grandiose training plan that we spent the whole afternoon creating. We are also the ones who fail to stick to any sort of stretching, or physio plan. Our lives are filled with a sense of urgency towards the next tangential topic. I mention all this because I was reflecting (yet again on my run) about my upcoming marathon. I am approximately 8 weeks out from the Niagara Falls International Marathon and I am sitting at 28km with a nagging quad injury that just won’t seem to bugger off, despite my twice weekly physio and massage. The worst part is IT’S MY STINKING FAULT!!! I decided (grandiose training) that doing intervals was a stellar idea with a quad tear. I know duh eh? If that wasn’t enough I convinced myself, after not being able to walk the first week, that the second week was necessary. Needless to say that ended after three 400m intervals. This is coming from a girl who was sidelined for a year due to ITBS which had only gotten so bad because she decided to run on it anyways. You think I would learn. Of course I spent the whole year commiserating on my lack of running, and sat in my s*** for a while. Enter here the wobble board…purchased in an ADHD haze approximately 1 year ago to combat a busted ankle. Ask me how many times I have used it, zero, zip, zilch. Good thing I got that wobble board because my physio thinks it’s a great idea for my quad. I give it two weeks.

What running has done for my ADHD is teach me patience on a long run. Ahhhhhh the silver lining you say… Oh this wasn’t done by choice,Ā  I didn’t set out with the intention of “running will make me a more full, and patient person”. Plain and simple I started running to stop smoking way back in the day. The patience entered the picture when I was faced with a choice; either calm the f*** down or suffer miserably for a couple hours. Nothing ever comes easily to me, and there’s almost ALWAYS some counterwill involved on my part (ask my husband). I was always focused on getting to the end of my run. In true ADHD style I just wanted to “be there” and enjoy the personal gratification NOW. So while actually running I was miserable, and tired, and grumpy. One day I thought to myself (again see the consistent theme of good ideas on runs!) “Dude you might as well just suck it up and relax, cause you’re gonna be here a while”. Its amazing how that running paradigm shift happened and I learned patience. I guess you could say I found my happy pace.


Now onto much more exciting and happy news! I got my new runners in today šŸ˜€ Asics Gel Nimbus 15’s WOOT WOOT! They are the lite bright version so there are painfully reflective in the dark, which is good for our dark winters here, but perhaps bad for drivers (sorry). I hope to break them in on a couple of runs before the marathon and sport these bad boys for the race!


Pretty aren’t they? I would like to believe that they make me faster, kinda like superman putting on his cape, but alas I don’t believe I possess super powers.

OH and finally WIDGETS!!!!!!! GRRRRRR I am definitely not the most tech savvy, so this widget thing is throwing me for a loop…if you know a thing or two send it my way. So basically if some weird things are popping up on this blog, its the widgets making me do it, I am void of all responsibility. šŸ˜‰

i guess thats it for today…oh I ran 5km, and I ran it naked with the dog. Oh yes you did, you just pictured me running with the dog. NOT THAT NAKED! Naked as in no music and no timing myself. It was nice to take advantage of the cooler weather. This is my perfect temp. Time for this girl to hit the sack, Happy Tuesday and Happy September!


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