6 weeks and 12km….YIKES!

So I haven’t actually written for a while. Most because I was always told “if you don’t have nothing nice to say…” I really don’t want this blog to be negative and over the past week I have really struggled with staying positive in my running. Then I realized that was exactly why I started this blog in the first place, life isn’t always pretty!

On a positive note, I ran 30km on the weekend and managed to keep under 6min/km which is better than what I am aiming for. My goal for the Niagara Falls International Marathon is 4 hours. Considering that my PB for a half is 1:51mins I think this is reasonable.


Part of my struggling is this neverending injury ARGH!!!!! I think I may have thrown my physio off balance a bit when I came in last week. For those of you that know me, frustration doesn’t display itself as tears, it turn into this mumble jumbled manifested mess. So that by the time I actually got to my physio appointment I resembled something like a rabid and angry squirrel. Poor Christina I don’t think knew what hit her, and managed to get in a breath probably after about 5-10minutes of my explosion. Squabble squabble squabble quad squabble squabble not getting better squabble squabble right knee effected squabble squabble 12more km’s squabble squabble marathon *INHALE* shockwave therapy? So she looked at me, and said yes, yes we can try shockwave therapy. So began my foray into the world of shockwave. It consists of three weekly sessions, with 2000 shocks per second. One might think that this would hurt but actually it doesn’t really bother me one bit. What bothers me is the day of rest that I have to take. I can’t ice or heat it, walk with purpose, and most definitely can’t run. In other words I have to be completely lazy! ME + ADHD + LAZY= INSANITY!!!!!!! I have already had to cut interval training and bootcamp 😥 *DEEP BREATH*  short term pain, long term gain…short term pain, long term gain…yup just keep telling yourself that kiddo!

Enter silver lining here —- my quad is actually beginning to feel better. Maybe due to shockwave, maybe it’s placebo effect but I don’t care because the quad is feeling better. I tentatively took a 5km run in the 31 degree weather yesterday, and it worked!!! It even worked at a 5:15min/km pace. Certainly not a tempo run, but not a 5:30 pace! 🙂 WOOT WOOT!

My other positive item to report is that it is time for the ANNUAL LAURIER LOOP!!!! I do a running series in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada every year. http://www.runwaterloo.com (if you wanna check it out). They put together a really fantastic series of running events. Usually there is one every month or so, and they are always well organized and run. I truly enjoy running their events each year. The Laurier Loop is probably my favourite. Its a smaller race that usually takes place at the end of September beginning of October. The whole family on both my side and my husband’s gets involved. Whether it is walking 2.5km or running 10km. Additionally I have a couple of friends who participate as well. For the past 4 years we have taken on the family tradition of having our Thanksgiving dinner afterwards at my house. I cook the turkey, homemade stuffing, and gravy; the rest of the folks bring the sides. Thanksgiving has always been my favourite holiday; there are no presents, just folks coming together to let each other know how important they are in their life. Running is similar in this fashion, It brings folks together from all walks of life and makes their life better. I can’t think of a better to spend my day, with my favourite folks and favourite food! It truly is my yearly highlight 🙂 even if my best friend is trying to force feed my niece and nephew vegetables lol. I will probably take the 10km easy this year, but really its the company that means more than the race!

Hope you all have a happy September! Off to the cottage this weekend for a hilly 32km long run. Only 6 weeks and 12km more to go!





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