Look up!…Well unless it’s a hill, then whatever you do, DON’T LOOK UP!

So I was what they term a “rebellious teen”. I was that kid that most impending parents looked at and said “my child will never turn out like that” or looked at me with trepidation and said to their partner, “I hope our child doesn’t turn out like that”. I did the usual rebellious teen things; Changed my hair colour regularly, smoked drugs, tobacco, and drank alcohol, couch surfed, became goth, and participated in many mosh pits (ahhhh NIN). Overall my perceived level of indestructibility was quite high, and the consideration of the consequences of my actions were minimal.

However, I have never ever considered hitchhiking, not for one nano second….until today. 

The morning start out as a usual Saturday at the cottage, me with my coffee and computer. My husband all nestled in bed with me at his beck and call for orange juice and breakfast. Generally I run a 5km VERY hilly run on Saturday, and then save my long run for Sunday. Enter running conversation with husband here ~

Me: so you running today?

DH: yeah I plan on running an 18km, but I’m running faster than you right now… How far are you going? 

Me (kinda seething I might add): Well I had planned on doing a 5km but if you don’t want to run with me that’s ok…I guess I probably shouldn’t run long on the days that we drive home for 2 hours from the cottage. I find my legs are kinda seizing up. (insert dig) You know 30km is not good to run and then sit in the car. 

DH: yeah thats a good idea, you should probably run long today

Sooooo after a full bowl of oatmeal (I never eat anything more than babyfood before long run), my garmin, three gels, and my seething competitiveness,  I decided that running long was what I was going to do today. Lathered the bodyglide up, and away I went. 

It was a typical cottage run until 20km (notice the 20km theme here). I had discussed with my husband the possible 32km route that I would take today. He suggested a route that included an enormous hill at about the 30km mark, I doubted the ability to complete it but figure with only 2km after the hill, I could manage. The cottage that we have is surrounded by hills, so basically if you want to run anywhere hills are unavoidable. The cottage sits in the valley of two really large hills that extend for about 750m. It is really good for my training, but in order to run for any length of time you need to do the really large hills at least twice if not 3 times. With the current 32km route, you would need to do the large hill approximately 3 times. It has become such a rote run that I typically run with my head down, and plug away. 6km’s in I lifted my head up and realized all the beauty that is Georgian Bay. I had begun running at the cottage years ago and that was always my favourite part, but with the increase in mileage and determination, I had forgotten to enjoy the ride. I started to look up and it was remarkable!

Until km 9km :s THE HILL. You can’t look up when you are running a hill. This must be a cardinal rule etched into running doctrine somewhere. Because looking up a hill only reminds you of how much further you have to go to get UP the hill. This can be defeating if you are adverse to hills, and REALLY REALLY TIRED. Which at 9km I was not, bu please keep this comment on the shelf for later.

At about 20km I started to question how many km’s my long run was last Saturday. While it provided me with quite the distraction for about 4km: I don’t even remember km’s 21-25, it caused a lot of confusion for me. I could swear at some points that I had run 32 km’s the previous week. I let it go, remembering the specific route I ran 2 weeks previous, but it began to haunt me again. At this point (26km) I was sure than I had run 32km the week before. THIS MESSED WITH MY RUN ENORMOUSLY, and lead to probably the silliest decision of my running career. I was going to run 34km. I thought of the impending hill ahead (see earlier paragraph) and decided that there was no way I could runn 4km after running the 750m hill. 

So, at more than 2km away from home I decided to do a loop and keep running on the relatively flat path I was running, finish 34km and walk home. Did I mention there is a REALLY large hill to climb in order to get home? The last 2km of run were very hard. To the point where I questioned my ability to even finish a marathon, and considered stopping with 500m left, but I didn’t I ran the entire 34km. 


As I stood at the side of the road, more than 2km from the cottage and 1km of hill in front of me, I realized; now what? So I walked (actually limped is a better descriptor) to Jug City 500m away, and begged for a bottle of water despite having no money on me/. I felt I had to qualify for the water, stating “I just ran 34km and have no money. I could really use some water right now and promise to pay you back in about a half hour.” The dude looked at me and said “you ran 34km? That’s a far drive in a car”. Thankfully he gave me the water, and I gulped it as I pondered my predicament. I started the long walk home, and actually contemplated hitchhiking. The thought of limping up 1km of hill, was not appealing. I even stopped at the baseball diamond to sit for 5 glorious minutes. I begged god to let the contractor for our cottage drive by, surely I could thumb a ride from him? No luck. 

I managed to limp home to my waiting husband. Yes, waiting. In bed. On his computer. After 3 hours and 20 minutes he still had not embarked on a run. 

Me: are you not running today?

DH: Nah I think I will run tomorrow…

*sigh* enough said. For all you who are interested, here’s my post run treat. Never under estimate the power of popsicles when you are dehydrated! Btw, I only ran 30km last week as confirmed by my Garmin. Bittersweet. 

Apparently now only 5 weeks and 8km to go 😉  T



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  1. Oh no!!L…that is one for the history books… The punch line with husband still in bed must of been the perfect end to a perfect day! Gggaaaa wow. ;). Good job girl!

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