Cloudy Rest days and football



Today is a rest day 🙂 An actual legitimate rest day. Not an I’m hurting and injured therefore I can’t run rest day. This makes me smile. You know what else makes me smile? Despite waking up and having the normal aches from running 34km, my quad doesn’t hurt. Yup, its an amazing good, wonderful, remarkable and hopeful day. MY QUAD DOESN”T HURT. After 8 weeks of worry and pain, it finally seems to have turned a corner. I am so extraordinarily happy tat I may even have the faith and hope to run 36km next week! I know this may seem small and inconsequential, but it is so enormous for me. Let’s cancel out the fact that all I have eaten is bacon, guacamole, and tortilla chips and it is a good day!

The only downside is that I sincerely don’t want to leave the cottage. It truly is my happy place. I woke up this morning with my bestest dude snuggled in on one side, my cuddly yellow lab Miles on the other. Its an awesome way to wake up on a sunday morning. It actually makes me consider the idea that running long on a saturday allowed me to enjoy this moment. Who knew?

My hubby did his 18km run today, and actually increased it to 20km. I am hugely proud of him as he has been injured for quite some time now. Plus he ran the first 10km with one dog, and the second 10km with another dog. Bless him dog loving soul, even though he reports it was a crappy run 😉

Rest day makes for a good time to watch football, although my blood pressure rises so not sure about the rest….All I know is that its a cloudy football kinda day. Happy weekend, and cheers to the impending Monday.




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