Social Worker + Math = bad idea

So last week apparently I miscalculated my actual km’s, this week I miscalculated my pace, and a couple weeks ago I miscalculated the amount of weeks till my marathon. Can you see a theme here? I am not very good with numbers. It’s a long standing joke within the social work field that we are social workers specifically because we don’t like math. Strangely enough, I loved statistics in my undergrad, and actually did exceptionally well in it. Unfortunately I can’t seem to calculate how long it takes to run 42.2km at a 6min/km pace. I had figured I could shoot for a 4 hour marathon and have been averaging about 5:50-5:55/km pace. I realized at about 10km of my run today (my epiphany occurred earlier this week), that at that rate I would be running 42.2km in 4 hours 12mins. *sigh*. I would still like to run the marathon in 4 hours, and I had convinced myself by km 15 that I could do it. Here comes my rationalization…..wait for it…..I am currently running a crap load of hills on my route, and the #NFIM is flat (one hill over rainbow bridge but mostly flat), thats gotta give me some time back right? Additionally, my half time is 1:51 (PB) and average 1:53 so that would bring me to approximately 4 hours (with cushion for slooowwwwiing down). Then by 20km I had talked myself down a bit, as we all know this is usually the rational part of my run, and decided that a goal of 4 hours 5 mins will do. So its official, I have decided that will be my goal time for NFIM.


Now onto my run… I did 36km!!!! WAHOO!!!! It felt good, not just good but GREAT!!!! I started out a little stiff and achy with the right hip flexor but quickly sunk into my pocket. Then I coasted from there and had no aches and pains. It amazes me how resilient the body is. I ran last week and felt like I couldn’t possibly make it more than 34km, and barely completed the last 500m. This week I remember passing the 34km mark and thinking wow, I feel good. It felt AMAZING!!!!! Even when finishing 36km, I had a bit left in the tank and pushed hard to the end. These are the runs that you remember, these are the runs that bring you back to the road, and these are the runs that remind you why this sport is so frickin awesome! I finished my run thinking and believing I can actually do this marathon. I haven’t felt that way the past few weeks. It has been really challenging with repetitive injuries, and difficult runs. It feels good going into my last 5 weeks (I checked with my husband) feeling confident that I can do the marathon. I even charted my tapering process! Looks like I have 3 more weeks of long runs in me which will give me 1 run at 42km. I can’t freakin believe I am finally going to do this!!!! After years of work, and battling through several bad luck accidents, I have almost made it! I just need my hip flexors to hang in there with me!

5 weeks and 6km to go!!!!!!

Tomorrow is definitely a rest day 🙂 Post-run my hip flexor is not doing so well, but I am holding onto the positives today! Plus I had a good binge on chicken pad thai for recovery today! YUM!

Happy Sunday, try not to thinking too much about Monday, and see you on the road!



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