The most wonderful time of the year!


I bet that as soon as folks read that title they either think Christmas, or thanks to Staples, back to school. For me its Thanksgiving, or more accurately Laurier Loop weekend. I have always loved Thanksgiving because I feel that the commercial value is nil, and it is all about simply being grateful for what you have, and showing the people that you love just how grateful you are. The coolness of fall, a house filled with delicious food smells, and the conversation and laughter of loved ones, how much better can life be?!?! We have always hosted Thanksgiving at our house because I love it so much. About 5 years ago Run Waterloo added a new run to their series. I ran the race by myself the first year as my husband was out of town, and I had recently just come back to running after a 2 year hiatus due to injury. The second year, a few of my family members decided to run and a few of my husband’s family members decided to as well. It was approximately 2 weeks out from Thanksgiving and I felt it was a perfect opportunity to bring the two families together. Hence, the Laurier Loop Turkey Weekend was born. Each year it has expanded to included more and more people. This year we had over 15 people running, and 16 people for turkey dinner. Not only do I get to share turkey with my favourite people but through running together they are all one step closer to a longer, happier, healthier life! Run Waterloo puts together some of the most amazingly oraganized events, and this was no different! Their whole team is committed to the events, and the organizations that the events raise funds for. I highly recommend any of their events. The Laurier Loop is probably one of the most beginner friendly, and the route is a great 2.5km loop through Waterloo Park.


The turkey turned out great, and there’s looooooots of yummy leftovers. I told my husband that i had decided to live off turkey and pumpkin pie for the next while! Each guest brings a side dish or dessert…….so so so full!

As for the run, I’ve definitely had better. I ran over 2 minutes slower than my usual 10km pace 😦  This nagging injury made for a very uncomfortable post-race evening. I was essentially limping all day yesterday and then again today. Mentally it is starting to wear me down, and I was completely drained and, I hate to say it, miserable through the entire run. This was quickly remedied after the race with good company. I went to physio this afternoon where she taped me running on the treadmill. Oh boy, I was a “hot mess”. Apparently all my weight is falling on my right side. No wonder I’m injured there!!!!! This is actually making my injury worse. It is also shortening my stride on the right side only. This means slooooooow runs, with an emphasis on lengthening my right stride. Ugh that seems like alot of mental power during an activity which use to seem effortless. My stress reliever, is now causing me stress. Go figure. I keep telling myself I just need to make it to the marathon and then maybe take some rest.

This week has an easy run planned for tomorrow (leisurely 5km with emphasis on stride) and perhaps a longer run later. I didn’t do a long run this week so it looks like 38km at the cottage this weekend, I may, and thats a big MAY do 39km.

Have a great week folks, and keep on putting inthe km’s. 27 more days :s



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