Sunshine and Lollipops and rainbows everywhere!

Ok so not really, but that is how much better I am feeling this week!


Yup thats me smiling, and yup thats only 20km clocked on my garmin. You know what though? It was essentially a pain free 20km, yup almost completely pain free, and that makes this girl a very happy woman. As you may have noticed I haven’t blogged much since my 36km run 2 weeks ago. This is because it was definitely a rough go for a while, like I can barely walk down the hallway at work kind of a rough go. BTW – one of the worse things you can do is ask an injured runner – are you limping? >:O

Sooooo back to shockwave I went, this time on my right side. It amazes me how much patience my physiotherapist has with me (and no I’m not writing that because I told her about my blog and think she is going to read it), simply put I’m high maintenance these days. More affectionately known as “losing my S**T!”. At one point she looked at me and said “Trish, do you have anything else other than running?”. Now being a social worker I know that I should have other outlets, particularly in circumstances like these. I am however, a stubborn old fool and this stubborness includes holding onto running even when I am injured. Being that I have had surgery twice, a significant car accident, broken ankle, and now hip flexor issues, you would think I may have taken up another past time…swimming anyone?

Nope. I am a runner, period. End of sentence. Full stop.

It is this perseverence that while in this case may not always work to my benefit, works very well when I am a functioning runner. This is the persistance that will get me 42.2km on October 27th, 2013, because come hell or high water I am finishing that marathon.



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