Finding My Happy Pace Again



Yup, thats me smiling again…well half smiling. You would never know that my legs were freezing cold and submerged in a lake. If you look closely you can make out I am in a lake, and you can see in the background a local guy fishing. That particular local fisherman’s jaw slightly dropped to the ground while I plunged quite rapidly into the lake, and up to my waist in chilly water. 

Fisherman: “do you do this often?”

Me: “no only when I run for a very long time”

Fisherman: “how many miles did you do?”

Me: “I actually did 38km”

Fisherman: “ohhh, do you do this for fun?”

I could genuinely reply, “yes, I do this for enjoyment”, because although the last 2 km’s was exhausting I enjoyed every single last km I ran. I ran 38km. Holy crap. If you had asked me two weeks ago if I thought this was possible, I just very well may have started to cry (well only if we were really close). If we were not close then I sure would have grumbled about it a whole lot. My quad on either side did not hurt, my glute on the right did not hurt. My stride felt…..right. I don’t know how else to explain it, but as a runner you know when your stride is lost, and you know when you find it again. Its that perfect rhythm with your breath as you glide down the road. I found that pace again, and it felt amazing. Now I admit that maybe it felt amplified because it has been so bad for so many weeks, but nothing replaces that feeling. You hear runners talk about their long runs and how they feel as if through exhausting their bodies completely they have cleansed their soul. Thats the way I felt yesterday. Of course the beautiful weather and running route certainly contributed to that emotion.



So with only 11 days to go and 4km left to cover, I begin my taper for the Niagara Falls Marathon. I have realized that tapering leads to idle time and have already taken to obsessing over the marathon website to make sure I haven’t missed any details. I am positive I am not the first runner to do this, or the last. I’m a little nervous that I haven’t covered the last 4km as I wanted to in my training, but hey I jumped from 30km to 34km in one week right? I got this. My friend Wendy tells me the crowd will carry me the last 4km…I sure hope so :s I went online and bought a shirt, and my 42.2 bumper sticker to match my 21.1. I love that I can get metric! For anyone thats interested, check out one more mile @ They have a load of really funny and great running shirts and accessories! Thats the only place I have seen 42.2 (it even has a maple leaf). Here’s the shirt I got!


I thought it was pretty funny and will make a great post-race outfit! I haven’t mentioned but I have been on a detox since October 1st which means no beer for this girl…..I love my beer, especially in  the cool autumn. I’m betting it will taste pretty good in 11 days. My plan was to be at “my best” for the marathon. Thank goodness for my physio Christina, and A.R.T guy Erik for putting up with me over the past several weeks, and making me healthy! Fingers crossed that the next 11 days I remain healthy and I am at that start line 7:30am on the 27th!

For now its pasta and easy runs! Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends 🙂 We all have so much to be grateful for!



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