Setting Limits

As a person with ADHD, I am HORRIBLE at setting limits. I generally oscillate from one extreme to another, or become overwhelmed and just shut down (this has been known to happen upon injury). I mention this because this weekend is the annual Oktoberfest race here in town. A couple of my family members, including my husband, run the event. I am registered for this race to do a 10km, and it is approximately 1 week before my marathon. Back to the theme of setting limits. I SHOULD run at least 10km on Sunday, but I SHOULD NOT run it at a 4:45min/km pace. Knowing myself and my ability to set limits, I have tentatively decided not to do the race. Its been a long journey through injury, and various other mental blocks to actually “feel” ready to run my first marathon, and I don’t want to risk that. The race bib however is leering at me from my livingroom because of course I picked up the race kits yesterday.

ImageWhat I should have done, I realize now in hindsight, is volunteer for the race. This way I feel like I am contributing, but have no option to run. Part of my dilemna is that I missed the event last year due to a broken ankle, and then subsequently the Niagara Falls Half Marathon. The race has some sentimental value as it was the second race I ever ran and my very first age group medal waaaaaaaaayyyyy back when I was actually somewhat fast. Additionally, there is oktoberfest sausages at the finish line, what more can you ask for? (except maybe beer). Despite being able to have a sausage even if you don’t run the race, I feel like I didn’t “earn” it, a sausage earned is a different experience. It appears that my love/hate relationship with this event continues. In the past 4 years I have only run it twice (one year my IT band went). The final piece is that my husband is really struggling with the mental space of running lately, and I really want to run it with him to support him. Problem here is that he definitely does not run at a 6min/km pace, which is what an easy run would have to look like.

AHHHHHH, can you sense my confusion?!?!?!? Can anyone give me the answer?


I managed to get a leisurely 5km run in yesterday (felt better this week), and today is gardening and housework. I may get up and run before the race tomorrow, then I have no choice but NOT to run. I find that tapering is more tough mentally than anything. I am filling up my time with various activities. Best one yet is the pre-race mani/pedi I have booked next Friday with my best girlfriends. Oh oh, and I actually had some pasta this week. Then afterwards I experienced what I call being “pasta drunk”. Very sleepy, slurring my words…..

Only 8 days left. Very excited, but oh so nervous. I just have to remember that I have put in the miles and training. Just another training run….I am the tortoise not the hare.



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  1. We missed you today, but it’s smart to keep your eyes on the marathon!

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