Naked running

Betcha I got your attention with that headline πŸ˜‰ Most of you that are runners will understand what this means, running without any technology or means of timing yourself. This, I have realized, is the (only) beauty of tapering! It is 5 days until my first marathon and I don’t really care how fast I can pound out a 5km run on the pavement. Its all about easy running, and keepin loose. I have put in the mileage, and have to trust in my body. I figure if I have to be stuck with tapering for the week, at least I can look for the silver linings. My dog however, did not find my leisurely 5km run amusing. He is much happier running at a quicker pace and at times rebelled by stopping to sniff a fire hydrant or two.

So my lesson learned this week (in the world of a first time marathon runner), TAPERING SUCKS!!!! You hear from folks that tapering sucks, but as with most things (my husband will tell you EVERYTHING) in my life I had to experience it for myself. Now I have a disclaimer at this point. I have been injured frequently for the past 6 weeks or so and my mileage has been significantly lower than expected. This foolishly led me to believe that I would be untouched by the “tapering crazies”. No so, so so so very much not so. I liken it to having 3 too many cups of coffee in one day. I feel like I am always jacked up on caffeine even though I haven’t drank any! Fidgety, restless, anxious, thoughts running quickly, and lack of focus. I have attributed this to my anxiousness of the race, and my inability to run in order to burn off this anxiousness. Can someone tell me does this get better with the more marathons you do?!?!? I am continually checking the website for details I may have missed, focused on being alone at the start line (only my second time ever without my husband there), and contemplating buying a running raincoat (I already have one). If anyone has a suggestion to get me through to Sunday, please fire away!


For now I have decided that today is my last run, Friday will bring a neighbourhood walk, and then relax till sunday morning! I can’t believe how close it actually is. It has taken several years to get to this point, and I have been supported by a wonderful group of family, friends, and one fabulously remarkable husband. I only hope I can do them all proud. I may or may not post before the race but if I don’t wish me luck and see you at the other end of the finishing line!



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  1. I still get the anxious feeling. But I think with more races under your belt, the more you realize how important tapering is so it’s easier to handle, I guess. Maybe write down all that is going through your head about how damn excited you are to run your race. Or go on a short 10-20 super easy run, ain’t nothing wrong with that.

  2. The NFIM on Sunday will be my first full marathon too! I’m in the same boat – this tapering over the past week or so has me feeling the same kind of anxiety you describe. And, maybe it’s just me, but I’m also feeling rather irritable.I’ve definitely got some extra energy that’s translating to a quick-temper, something that’s really not part of my normal personality. As nervous as I am about the event, it can’t come soon enough!

  3. I’m going through the tapering crazies too! Best of luck Sunday!

  4. Don’t worry you will be doing fine ,it is normal to get nervous, after 50 Marathons I still do, I give you one Tip start slowly break the Marathon down to 4 stages first 10km relaxing second 10 km I feeling good, 3rd 10 km I do it for my loved ones, now you already at the 30 km The big Wall but the good thing only 12.2 km to go …..your big Goal is near !!!
    The Finish Line…Wishing you an awesome Race!

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