Post-Marathon Update

So it has been a couple weeks since I last blogged. I had great intentions to blog each time I ran, and then of course life seemed to get in the way. I think it may be part of the post-marathon crash. It feels strange to work so long and hard towards this one really big goal, and then just suddenly it is over. I think that what I miss the most is the routine of training. I have always done best in my life when there is structure. I take comfort in knowing the structure, and feeling that sense of accomplishment of working towards making myself better. I have never felt as healthy and in shape as I did when I was working towards my marathon. This has carried over into my post-marathon runs, and here is my run update post-marathon.

Remember Run Nov 2- This race took place a meare 6 days after my marathon. I ran a 5km on the Wednesday before just to test out my legs, and seemed like all systems go. Both my husband and I were signed up for the 8km run. The Remember Run is the last race for us of 2013. I had not expected to run very fast, as the marathon was 6 days previous but when I started I actually felt pretty good. Then something amazing happened about halfway through the race, I managed to catch up to my husband! We ran the second half of the race together! What a perfect way to end our race season, we crossed the finish line together at 39:51. This is a pic of us just about to hit the finish line.


Ottawa 17km- So last week I headed to a conference in Ottawa, and fortunately my husband had to do some ergonomics training for the week there as well. We slugged all our running gear with the intention of hitting the paths in Ottawa. Tuesday was a beautiful evening, but I had been sitting in a conference for the full day, and another 2 hours post-conference int he hotel room. So lets just say that my motivation for running was nil by the time my husband got to the hotel room. As soon as he got in, it was a direct- we are going for a run, get your clothes on. When I asked how far, he told me…oh not far, maybe 5km. 5km turned into 17km along the Rideau Canal. It was beautiful, and my first long run post-marathon. Felt pretty darn good :).


Then I got sick. Horrible, awful, fever plaguing strep throat. Which has totally put my running on hiatus. My hope is to run on Sunday, if these antibiotics kick in, but only time will tell. I have had 2 days off work, and hope to feel better by tomorrow.

I did not set any current goals for 2014 as I want to see where the next couple months of my training take me. But I did enter the lottery for the Nike Womens Half Marathon! which is very exciting. I will know within the next few weeks whether I win the lottery! Then I will take my training schedule from there!

Hope all of you have a happy running week! Fingers crossed I feel better, and hit the road Sunday!




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  1. Good luck with the Nike Women’s lottery – I would love to run that race some day.

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