Long Time Coming…Another Canucking Runner is back!


ImageSo just when you think I had disappeared.. I’m back, and I have the winter running picture to prove it. I don’t really have the greatest excuse for not blogging since November. I think what started the break was not being able to run consistently for a month due to some other stuff going on. Then I told myself, “i’ll blog when my 2014 race schedule is firmly set”. That never happened, and come to think of it it usually never happens. Whatever my reasons, I’m back and hoping to get backi nto a blogging routine! I realized how much I enjoy reading other folks blogs, particularly for motivation. Sometimes it appears in my inbox at precisely the right moment, when I need the motivation to run. I am hoping that I can do that for others. My story isn’t big and fanciful about overcoming some huge obstacles in my effort to run. I’m just the common everyday runner, hitting the streets in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. My biggest obstacle right now is the snow!

ImageThat is my street right now! Actually that WAS my street 2 weeks ago. We have actually gotten MORE snow since then. I can’t remember the last winter we had this much snow. Unfortunately it has reduced my running outside to 1 day a week, because along with this we have had winchills up to -35. I have taken to running at the indoor track the rest of the week which is great, but flat. Very very flat. Which is great for getting my mileage up, however it is not going to get me up the massive hill at the 27km point of Around the Bay race in March.

Which brings me to my next point, my 2014 race schedule. Every year there’s a fantastic race series that runs out of Waterloo (www.runwaterloo.com). It is very well organized, has delicious food post-run, and overall it’s run by some clearly dedicated folks. On average they have a race per month and this will usually form the foundation of my running schedule each year. While they have added a half marathon this year, typically the length of the races are between 5-10km. This means that I usually have to look for other races to run half marathons and now marathons (yikes!). They do have a super long race that occurs every August, you gotta check it out, and I aspire to hopefully do this next year. It includes over 170km in the span of a week, http://www.endurrun.com. So sprinkled into my foundation, I have Around the Bay 30km in March, Marden half marathon in April, Endrurrun half marathon in August, and Harvest half marathon in September.

I am however stuck on a marathon. Mostly because I can’t decide if I am doing a spring one, fall one, or both. I am not entirely sure whats causing the hesitation. My long mileage is currently sitting at 26km, and will move up to 28km this weekend. I am well ahead of schedule for Around the Bay, my running feels better than it has for a long while, and I am injury free!!! These are my current options:

1) I can do the Waterloo Marathon on April 27th. This course is REALLY challenging to do for a second marathon. It is very hilly although sceneryis beautiful. Also (this may seem vain) I have done the half marathon twice and the finisher medal is the same for both events. If I am going to run 42.2km I better darn well get a medal that says I did.

2) Do the Endurrun marathon in August. Another challenging course, and I will have run a half marathon the weekend before. Plus its a crap shoot whether the heat will be manageable at that time of year, or brutally hot. I am NOT a hot weather runner, I would rather have snow. The down side of this event is that there is no finisher medal, but it would be great warm-up if I want to do the whole event next year.

3) Look for a spring marathon in the States. I happen to be going away to Jamaica in May (bestest girl getting married). This happens to be over the weekend that hosts the two most signficant spring marathons here locally; the Toronto marathon, and Mississauga marathon. This means I have to go elsewhere to seek out a spring race.

4) Say screw it and just run a fall marathon. There are lots of options for me here, and I am actually comtemplating running the Hamilton marathon in November. I thought about it last year but there is a large portion which is downhill. I didn’t want my first experience of a marathon to feel easier than it actually is, kind of a set up.

So there you have it, and possibly why I can’t commit to a spring marathon. I think it may be a “play it by ear” decision. So here’s my race schedule as it stands for 2014:

February 23rd – Fridgee Eighter 8 miler (so about 13km)

March 30th- Around the Bay 30km

April 12th- Marden Half Marathon 21.1km

May 10th- Baden Road Race 7 miles

June 15th- Waterloo Classic 10km

July 6th- Dirty Dash 8km

Aug 10th- Endurrun half 21.1km

Sept 13th- Harvest Half 21.1km

Sept 28th- Laurier Loop 10km

Oct 19th- Oktoberfest 10km

Nov 8th- Remember Run 8km

It’s a good start, and I will sprinkle some more half and possibly fulls in there as well. Whew! Thats a looong post. So I think I will end it there, and in my parting I will leave you with a picture of sunny Mexico! Bestest dude and I managed to get away for our wedding anniversary January 19th, and the sunshine and running was perfect! Managed to get in over 45km that week through the Mexican forest! Hopefully it will keep you warm!




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  1. I’m glad to hear you have been feeling better with your running. No injuries must be awesome! Keep it up Trish. Wow! Seriously impressive. 🙂


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