Let the 2014 Racing Season begin!

I am not a ridiculously competitive person (my husband will claim otherwise), but I looooove the start of race season. Every year we start our season off in February, with the annual Refridgee Eighter run. You basically get to chose how long you want to freeze your a** off for, 8km or 8 miles. Of course I always pick the 8 miles, which works out to about 13km.There’s always that renewed hope of better run times, the comfort of a familiar race scene/routine, and the coming together of friends and family. Seems idealistic doesn’t it? If we really get down to the truth of the matter, I hate change and like structure. Race goals create structure and the race scene in Waterloo creates familiarity. For the miniscule 2 months of the year when I don’t have a race slotted in, its chaos. I feel like I am free falling and randomly picking race distances. It was almost a sigh of relief when I placed the training schedule on the fridge for the inaugural 2014 race. Neurosis much? Does anyone else struggle with this? I should be able to look at the big picture, but it seems that hyperfixated ADHD girl wins again.

It has been a particularly cold winter so I had anticipated a very chilly run this year, then…..*TADA* warm snap. Hello global warming. Lets put this into perspective, on Sunday I could not run outside because it was -34 with the windchill. On Friday the temperature was + (yes that’s a plus) 4. WTH?!?!? I’m not about to complain about warmer temps, but this one is a head scratcher. Looking at the forecast, it’s going to be a balmy -6 on Sunday which means no yaktraks or heavy windblocker pants! This is very exciting news to a runner because when you have had the added weight of layers to both body and feet, the shedding of said layers is liberating. I am firmly convinced this is why we love spring running so much as runners. I’m going to enjoy the rest day today (and my bestest girl’sd baby shower), hydrate lots, and get to bed early. Theres a gold medal hockey game I gotta watch before the race! Hope everyone has a fabulous Saturday!

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