Hello 2014 and Hello PB


Clearly this is a fabulous race day picture (heavy heavy sarcasm here). So my first race of 2014 is in the books. For some reason I finish every race looking up into the air, as if thanking the heavens that I actually got through the race. Its true, just look at some of these epic pictures.


This of course makes for either really good (like the middle one taken at my marathon), or really bad (like every other one) finishing picture. My bestest girl Amy told me that it’s because I “leave it all out there on the course”, I think its more a case of “holy crap am I glad that’s done”. Although for my first race of the year it was a little of column a and column b. I managed to squeak out a PB for the course by 2 mins, and therefore I think I pushed enough to constitute “leaving it all on the course”. The weather was much nicer than it has been, even though it remained well below freezing, -7 which is actually warm for this winter. Perhaps the best part was the clear roads, it was so nice to run on clear roads FINALLY! I felt pretty darn good throughout the race. I started out at a over 5min/km pace and then realized at a certain point that I could probably push a little harder, so I dug in my heels and away I went. This is my 4th year running the event, and my best time was in 2011 when I ran 1:06. Last year I was really disappointed in my time, @ 1:07 because I felt like I was in really good shape. I had been training for Around the Bay, with both my km’s up and my consistency, I thought I would PB but no suck luck. This year I told myself that I would be pleased with a similar time to last year, or even 1:10 at the most (my slowest has been 1:10). So when I rounded the corner to the finish line and saw 1:04 on the clock I was thrilled! It was over 2 mins under! I had never expected to do that well. Best part? My legs felt great the next day. So I ended up with third in my age overall, although my bragging point is that Krista Duchene the #2 Canadian womens marathoner was in my age division, and she was first by over 20 minutes! Hence the default second place medal. It was really cool to have her in the race, that woman is a BEAST!!!! She has 3 kids and still rocks the elite marathoning world! seriously impressive. of course it is worth mentioning that it was another fabulous race put on by the folks @RunWaterloo http://www.runwaterloo.com


I have been sitting back trying to figure out what gave me my PB. I haven’t really changed much in my running regimen, except my mileage this year. I am currently at 26km for my long run, and last year I think I was at about 20km. The other thing that has changed is indoor track running. I have never spent any time in the winter running inside. I am one of those hardcore, run through a snow storm, kinda girls. This winter however, the windchill is simply too cold to do this. -20 to -35, that’s coming close to frostbiting my wobbly bits. On those days I have run indoors on the track (you will still never convert me to a dreadmill). Usually this needs to occur right after work or ridiculously late at night. Much to my chigrin the track is reserve for “track teams” from 5pm-8:30pm each weeknight (don’t make me rant about my tax dollars paying for a city track I can never use). This means I have to squeeze it around those hours, which results in me forgetting my garmin in true ADHD fashion. Bottom line I am running up to 12km on the track, and I have no idea of how fast or slow I have been going. This is highly unusual for me, and I am beginning to think maybe it is a good thing. I have begun to question whether in running with my garmin, I limit myself. Stay with me for a second here… Usually I run and check every km what my pace is. So if I go out too slow I speed it up, and if I go out too fast I slow it down. But what if, just what if, I can actually run faster? Of course we all know how well not checking my garmin worked out with the marathon (can we say death by 36km?). I am not totally sold on this theory, but enough to try at least one naked run a week leading up to Around the Bay on March 30th.

So February race is in the books, and March is a doozy at 30km. I actually love the Around the Bay race and this will be my third time doing it. It starts out with 20km of flat terrain along the bay in Hamilton. The last 10km are rolling hills, with a massive hill at about 27km. The last 3km are all slightly downhill and end at an indoor stadium with your picture on the big screen. The claim to fame for this race is that it is actually older than the Boston Marathon. If you are ever in the area for a race you have to check it out, its the perfect spring marathon tune up. http://www.aroundthebayroadrace.com/

Until then I will continue to naked run, snow run, and everything in between. BTW I still haven’t decided on a spring marathon :s

p.s shout out to my fabulous support team who comes out to all my races. One is my mom, the lady picture with me in the middle 😉



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