Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall – September & Fall Goal Setting


So September is always this double edged sword for me. I love the cooler running temperatures, and the fall racing season but I hate the fact that my cottage time is slowly dwindling. Usually we close the cottage on the Thanksgiving weekend, but this year we are actually keeping it open now that it is winterized.  So this year September is not so bitter sweet. Fall brings some of the most beautiful cottage runs as the oak and maple trees turn vivid shades of orange and yellow. It also brings a series of races for our household, and from now until November we will run 5. This includes 2 half marathons and then a number of 10km. Fingers crossed ths will be my spring redemption from dislocating my toe, and being unable to run my spring half.

Perhaps my favourite part of September is goal setting. Most people get excited when they set their New Years resolution in January, but I love to goal set in September. I have seen a few blogs that set monthly goals, and then post an update regarding those goals monthly. I think this is a fabulous idea, and my first fall goal is to do this monthly 🙂 For my inaugural goal setting blog post I will list three falls goals (to be reviewed in November), and then 3 September goals.


1) Be more grateful for the positive things in my life

I think most of us are guilty of taking the positives in our life for granted at some time or another. It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day hustle and bustle and not reflect on the positives. Particularly because of the job I do (I’m a social worker within mental health and addictions) it is critically important to reflect on the positives because I see so many heart breaking stories on a daily basis. I am not a religious person but I was raised catholic and I always think “there but for the grace of god go I”. I could have been born to a completely different set of circumstance, had a different family, or a different set of friends. I need to appreciate this more. So I am going to try to do a “Thankful Thursday” each week on my blog. I will mention something I am thankful for.

2) Commit to eating as cleanly as possible

After a summer of gluttony this one doesn’t even need explaining. Last year in the fall I was committed to eating cleaner and I felt awesome! I follow lots of blogs where they feature delicious clean eating recipes. I hope to try some of these out and reduce the amount of crap I eat. So that means the love affair with zesty cheese Doritos is at an end.

3) Run a Half Marathon PB

Previously I have mentioned the 1:53 vortex that I sink into for my half marathon times. This is mostly due to the fact that I just get “comfortable”. Sinking into the all too comfortable “pace pocket” and not pushing myself. My goal for fall is to start increasing my mileage, and continuing to do faster pace tempo runs as well. I hope that this will give me the “kick” I need at the end of my half marathon in November. Last fall when training for my marathon I found that I not only slowed down my long run pace, but all my other runs during the week quickly followed. This made it incredibly hard to run at the faster paces in the spring when shorter runs came along. The Hamilton Road 2 Hope half marathon will be my end target for this goal.


1) Drink more water, reduce caffeine, reduce alcohol

I am notorious for not drinking enough water. The day before my long run is probably the only day of the week where I am adequately hydrated enough because I know how miserable an under-hydrated long run is. I do know the importance of drinking more water for overall health, I am just full of excuses as to why I don’t drink more.  So a group challenge to drink more water was started on facebook and I decided to join. This is a 5 day challenge where I have to drink half of my body weight in oz. That means I need to drink 75oz of water a day for the next five days. As I write this I am on glass #6. I figure this is a great way to kick start this goal! It will also force me to take breaks at work 🙂 I would like to stick to 1 cup of coffee daily with the eventual goal of weaning most coffee out. As for alcohol, well summer is done so this is just natural 😉

2) Push my long run to 25km

I miss longer runs. I loved the really long runs that came along with marathon training. It allowed me a piece of time early in the morning just for me. It also made distances such as 21k seem a whole lot shorter!!! I hope to have a 25k run clicked out by the end of this month.

3) Develop a recovery supplement routine and stick to it

So I have only used the Vega Sport products a couple of times, but I am a believer (and no I was not paid or endorsed I bought the product myself). Enough to spend the money and incorporate this into my fall racing routine. I would like to give it a chance and see what effect it has on my recovery and training. Probably most remarkable was the fact that I ran a 17k killer hill run with only a dayof rest between our 21k long run. Usually after my 21k run I grumble and complain my way through a 5k recovery run. I felt really great through the 17k (except up the 2km hill at the end but this is to be expected), and the gel proved to be excellent again. I am kinda excited about this goal. I am hoping to use the energizer, gels, accelerator, and protein. It’s a little hard to see, but that’s the first km of the hill at about the 14k mark.


So there it is folks, my list of fall and September goals. I expect you all to hold me accountable! Just wondering do any of you set fall goals? and if you do please feel free to share!

Happy running, happy fall, and only 40 days till Thanksgiving weekend!



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  1. Wow awesome goals Trish! The water one, for me, was hard to start, but now, I love drinking water and lots of it! Ice water and sparking water are one of my favourite go to’s to cool off! Excited to see you run this fall. Sounds like you are super focused.

  2. boo-urns to the end of summer, and a crappy weather-wise one at that! September seems to be a great time to set goals, it always feels like New Years in that way, must be the whole back to school thing.
    I definitely could use more water, less alcohol and coffee in my life… we’ll see 😉

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