Goals Update and Belated Thankful Thursday

So it appears that I have been a little slack on my blog posting over the past week. Note to self, next month make a goal to blog more! Since my blog posting at the beginning of September I have pushed myself forward to follow through on the goals that I set out. The one item I have been a little slack on was my Thankful Thursday commitment. Soooo it may be a little late, and be warned there will be another tomorrow but here it is:

I am thankful for my bestest dude (husband). I bet some of you saw that one coming. After my marathon I wrote briefly on what a fabulous guy he is. I was really fortunate to win the lottery on this one. I sure waited a long time for him to come along (30 years), but I am glad that I never settled. That isn’t to say that we are perfect, because when we disagree we can both be stubborn, but that is to say that he is perfect for me. He has supported me with all my dreams the past 7 years, and put up with my tumultuous moods (picture grumpy bear and watch out). He is very patient, kind, and straight forward with me when he needs to be. He is also my running buddy. When I was injured 5 years ago, I was off running for a year. When I came back to running he was there with me every painful step of the way and continues to be. I am definitely thankful for him in my life.


Now onto other things. So I set all these ambitious goals in my last blog posting, and wanted to be sure to let you know how those have been going. I am happy to say that I have reduced my caffeine consumption to one coffee per day! *happy dance* There was one occasion where I had a second coffee but was sure to make it a decaf. I have also increased my water consumption. It started off with the 5 day water challenge I spoke about. I was consuming 80oz of water a day during the challenge, and have used this as a jumping point to consistently maintain a minimum of 48oz. My hope is to be able to maintain at 80oz, but I am trying to be realistic! I keep a large 32oz jug of water on my desk at work throughout the day, and this reminds me to chug a lug. I have also only spent one occasion drinking alcohol, and it was my cheat day! The first day of the football season how can one say no to cheap chicken wings and beer? I am pretty proud that despite this cheat day I got back on track, and maintained my wish to eat and drink clean! My one cheat day this week will be Sunday. We are travelling to Buffalo for the Bills home opener game, and I just can’t commit to being a good girl during tailgating. Here’s a quick pic of my delicious clean eats salad from Thrive Energy Bar, and the homemade (and sugar free) tomato sauce I canned!

10644916_10152389248526309_3368074067694666887_n 10628090_10152397990111309_2464971152259855551_n

As for my running, it feels great!!!! I don’t know if its fall, the vega sport, or just that I am treating my body well but I feel so much better on my runs! I even ran two half marathon distances within 5 days of each other. Both of these were at 5:25/km which is so much better than where I was last fall. I am hoping that this will continue and I am beginning to appreciate the consistency of running and eating well in my life. I haven’t increased my long run mileage yet, but I plan to do so after my half marathon this weekend.


Speaking of which, I am super excited about the half marathon race I am running this weekend. Well also slightly nervous because this is a brand new race and I have no idea what the course is like. I would really like to come in at 1:51 but not knowing what the hills may be like makes it difficult to know if this is possible. Fingers crossed. It’s called the Harvest Half, and is another fantastic event by the folks at Run Waterloo. I went for a 5km tempo run this morning to shake out the legs, and all systems seem to feel pretty good. Although the fog made it a little like something out of Criminal Minds or CSI. Check this out!


Finally, for those who are following my trial Vega sport journey, I have to tell you I’m a believer. Now if I said to you it was because I have felt better over the past two weeks than I have in a while, you may write it off for a multitude of reasons: 1) It’s fall 2) I am eating better 3) I am drinking more water 4) I am running more consistent. However, I have been more consistent with my running, including higher mileage and I still feel great! My legs are much more “ready to go”. I noticed this especially this morning. I ran two half’s in 5 days then took two days off. Normally I would have a lethargic and gross recovery tempo run when I came back. When I ran this morning, I felt awesome! My legs didn’t even feel tired. This is something I have not experienced in a very long time, like when I was in my 20’s (and I am 37). I don’t know if it has to do with the Vega Sport, but I am starting to believe. The other comment I wanted to make was in regards to the endurance gels. I was forced to use my GU energy gels this past weekend because I had run out of the Vega. I was completely wrecked by GI issues afterwards. I also crashed really hard after about 4k of taking the gel. It made me miss the Vega. If anything I am sold on their gels, and my GI loves me for it! The only problem is that these are harder to locate in my community than the other Vega products, so I need to prepare ahead. Oh and a sidenote, the peanut butter chocolate protein bars are DELICIOUS!!!! So I have decided to make a commitment to their accelerator (tropical), protein powder (I still haven’t decided what flavour!), and the gels (definitely raspberry). Although their protein bars are delicious too! Again, I was not endorsed or paid to write this, I just honestly enjoyed the product!
So I think that is it for today. Stay tuned for tomorrows Thankful Thursday, and happy running!



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