6 is my lucky number



So I like to think that 6 is my lucky number. Everytime I run a race I anxiously open my race kit hoping that there is a 6 in my bib number. I’m not sure why it is 6, I just seem to know that it is. I’m a “numbers need to be divisible” kinda girl, and it appears when this number is involved good things happen. I’m also VERY superstitious. This I can trace back to my Grandmother who was from Estonia and also very superstitious. You would be amazed at the amount of superstitions I hold in this brain of mine. Usually whenever I announce a new one previously unheard I get an eye roll from the bestest dude.

Sooooooo based on these 2 items alone, I officially declare that 2016 will be my best year yet! I have decided to have big goals in 2016. Not just running goals (although a large number are), but life goals. The past few years have been challenging and I feel like I’ve been living in a world where I have been holding back waiting…..for…..something. Always waiting for something. I have reflected that we spend our lives doing this, and I am particularly guilty of this. Here’s the reality, we only have NOW.


That doesn’t mean that I don’t plan for the future, it simply means that I don’t spend so much time focused on it. I will learn to live in the now, enjoy the moments, and strive to be a better me in EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT. Big feat?!?! I absolutely think so. Will I always meet this goal? Nope probably not, but I will make an effort to try. 2016 is the year of NOW.

What will this look like? Well it’s off to great start (minus one sprained ankle xmas eve). This year I have been accepted to Team Nuun and as an ambassador for CEP compression. So I am super stoked to represent two running items I feel so good about. I have 3 5ok trail races, 3 marathons, and I’m super excited to be doing the ENDURrun again this time with bestest dude as a relay team. I am going to focus on revamping this blog, if I can ever figure out widgets, and other social media outlets. I’m going to try to stay connected more to friends and family, and enjoy each and every moment with my husband. I have a trip to Mexico planned, and a golf trip in the summer, along with all those beautiful cottage weekends.

So, besides a few extra runs this year it doesn’t sound much different. The difference? I will make an effort to appreciate all these moments more, and be grateful for all that I have received in life. Because it’s my life. Not the Jones’, the William’s, the Smith’s. The Benoit’s and thats pretty darn near perfect.

Happy 2016, year of the 6, and year of the now. Welcome to the journey.




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