I’m a running girl from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. I thought maybe my friends and family were getting sick of my running facebook posts, and decide to start a blog where they have a choice :). I’m just your average runner, and this is probably just an average running page but it’s done Canadian style, and it’s metric! I hope that my sense of humour and honesty shine through, and perhaps motivate and encourage others. Please be patient as I am a new blogger and trying to figure all this blogging stuff out. Widgets anyone?!?!? Therefore things may randomly appear and disappear on my page!

I was a runner in highschool, then life got in the way. Fast forward 10 years later and it became a means for me to quit smoking and gain back some autonomy in my life. Despite injuries (non-running related), I have persevered through to marathon running status but it wasn’t easy! I have a great team to support me, including my fabulous husband, and dog Miles. I am proof that anyone can run, and that running definitely maintains sanity.

Please enjoy my page, enjoy reading, and feel free to make comments but keep them tasteful 😉 Hopefully as I learn more you will see the page expand more! Happy Running ❤


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