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ENDURrun Stage 4 – 16k Hilly run Wilmot Line

I will tell you a secret. I have been having a love affair during my training for the ENDURrun, and it has been with Wilmot line. I started running Wilmot line because I knew it would be tough and wanted to mentally prepare myself. I never knew I would learn to love it so much. I not only love the challenge of it, but it is beautiful running through the country! Let me give you a sense of the massive hill we run. This pic is catching it on the way down, but we actually run up this hill at the 5k point.


I was slightly worried about racing this course, but I knew that my body was familiar with it. I actually felt the most confident today out of all the courses so far because of this familiarity. The race was a 6pm start so I went to work for my usual shift today. I am actually really glad I worked today as it kept me busy and distracted. I work on an acute unit in a hospital so it is usually a busy place. I made sure to wear my compression socks under my work clothes, and I was ready to go! In my discussion with a doctor today my race came up. I find that people generally look at you with their head slightly cocked, and a blank expression at first. This is usually followed up with “you’re crazy” and “i wish I had your energy”.

I am fortunate that I live close to this venue, and it only took me 5 minutes to drive there from home. Pounded back a coffee and tucked a vega gel into my bag for the run. I had practiced running this route at 6pm so that I could make sure I knew what my nutrition needs were throughout the day. I had a solid lunch salad with protein, and knew the coffee and gel would be adequate. Weather again was perfect! The sun was a little warmer so this warranted shorts and sports bra only.

We start this run at the bottom of a large hill outside Camp Heidelberg. It strolls down Erbsville road to Conservation, then Conservation to Wilmot line. You spend the rest of your time on the rolling hills of Wilmot. I was again determined to run up each and every hill. This was also the first time that we had police directing traffic as Wilmot is busy this time of day. I knew what I was in store for with horror hill (a very well deserving name) and made sure to watch my pace on this route. Interestingly enough I have looked at my paces for all the events, but I have largely been running on feel. I think this is why my times have been quicker then my practice runs. I always train alone, and the downside is that I never push myself hard enough. I run “comfortable”. Throughout this I have pushed myself to run at my best. With this run I also knew that a rest day was on the other side. I firmly believe this made a difference in how much I pushed! I also had one of the other ultimate girls in front of me and was determined not to let her out of my sight! My legs felt pretty good again, although my poor quads are starting to fatigue. I felt stronger running up horror hill, and on this course then all my training runs. It definitely showed! I managed to run the course in 1:22.53 @ a pace of 5:09/km. That is remarkable for me!!! The fastest I have run it in practice was at 5:22/km and my goal was to run 5:20. It was helpful to have runners in front of me, this pushed me at point where I thought my legs were going to give out. There is one HUGE hill right at the finish leading to Camp Heidelburg and the finish line, just before this I managed to pass the girl in front of me and desperately hung on to the finish. I was TIRED, and so were my legs!! Best part? Despite racing it, my ❤ still belongs to Wilmot line! Here’s my pace chart & the elevation:

IMG_5267[1] IMG_5266[1]

Again I managed to run a bit quicker in the second half but you can see that my times really fluctuated on this course! You can also see clearly where horror hill is based on my 5:48 km. This race had the best post-race grub of all simply because there was sweet corn!!! It was so good and warm and salty! Overall I was really happy with my result again. I am however, looking forward to a rest day and that is what today is! I am in a golf tournament all day which is probably not the best idea, but I go every year. It is for a great cause, the Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council, so I am glad to go. I am going to take it easy, skip the golf dinner, eat at home, have a bath and early bed. It appears that I could not sleep for the life of me last night after the run! I hope to get some zzzz’s tonight.

Thats it for me on the recap! I’m off to do some golfing. I will leave one last pic of my finishing time. Ypu can see the beautiful trees in the background! Next up 25.6k up a ski hill at Chicopee *gulp*.